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The Coffee Enema

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Café Mam is grown organically and regularly tested for Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Mold, Yeast, Heavy Metals, Fatty Acids, and over 250 Pesticides and Herbicides. To see their latest lab results, click here.

Café Mam's Therapy Roast is recommended by the Gerson Instutute for coffee enemas. Order here.

Mega Home Water Distiller.png

It is important to use distilled water when making coffee for enemas. I have used this water distiller brand, MegaHome since 2017 with zero issues.

Enema Bucket.png

This $16 BPA-free, latex-free, DEHP-free Gerson Enema Bucket works perfectly for Coffee Enemas. No need to spend $79 on a glass bucket that will easily break, is not safety glass and does not provide the needed insert that reaches 5" - 7", to administer a coffee enema properly.

It is vital to hold the coffee for 12-15 minutes, so the caffeine has time to absorb into the blood and circulate through the liver. Sometimes it is not possible to hold the entire liter of coffee for that long. In which case, the amount of coffee held can be broken down into increments. Half the coffee (16oz), for half the time (6 - 7 min). Repeat with the remaining amount. Using a clear bucket (not metal) is important to calculate the remaining amount left and time needing to hold, using the measurement marks on the Gerson bucket.

I recommend ordering extra $3 red catheter inserts, as they break down easily and need to be replaced more frequently than the bucket.

The Gerson Institute enema bucket's flow rate is dependant on the height of the bucket. As there is not a clasp to control flow rate. The Gerson Institute recommends using a toilet paper holder stand for proper height.

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