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What is Bio-Energetic Testing?

Bio-Energetic testing assesses a response to a series of energetic signatures.

The process selects balancing energetic signatures that are then digitally encoded into a liquid carrier that is to be taken orally.

This process supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself by improving energetic communication and flow.

The following audio link provides an example of bio-energetic testing and how it works.

What is Bio-Energetic Testing?
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Restoring Balance

The following audio link provides a helpful analogy that can be used to explain the process of how bio-energetic testing aims to balance the body.

Restoring Balance Analogy
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Restoring Balance Analogy



Although the QEST4 Bio-Energetic Testing machine is not a device that can create homeopathics, there are parallels between the QEST4 system and the approach taken with homeopathy.

Qest4 Foundations

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