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BioEnergetic Test

This video helps explain the use of the Comprehensive Analysis, the General Support, and the Informational Scan as well as the benefits of Bio-Energetic Testing.

Orientation Video

This video explains the history of bio-energetic testing, the functions of the body in relation to bio-energetic testing as well what to expect during the detox process.

Orientation and Discharge Video
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Imprinted Tinctures

Imprinting is transferring balancing energetic signatures from a test, into a digitally encodable carrier.

How Sample Testing Works

Analyzing biological samples (hair, nails and saliva) can provide the same amount of information about the energetic field (informational level) of the body that an in-person test can.

How do Emotions & Stress effect your health

Watch the video to learn how Emotions & Stress can affect your health.

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