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Instructions for Drops

Drops are suggested to be taken every day, full amount of drops listed on bottle in the morning and in the evening.


Start with the Comprehensive Tincture. If you feel okay the next day, then start the Informational Tincture. If you feel okay the next day, start any additional tinctures.


Succuss each tincture 5-10 times before taking it.

(Succussion is a certain way to shake the bottle containing the energetic signatures. It involves holding the bottle in one hand and tapping it on the opposite hand in a brisk up-down motion. One tap is one succussion.)


The drops can be taken directly under the tongue OR if the alcohol taste is too much, put the drops into a little water and then hold in mouth.

Wait 1 minute between drops.

Nothing 15-20 minutes before or after taking, other than water.


Store drops at a minimum of 3 feet away from all electronics. Including but not limited to, appliances, electrical outlets, phones, TV’s and computers.


If taking your imprinted tinctures through airport security, wrap in aluminum.

Imprinted Tincture (additional)

    • Additional imprited tinctures are for specific scanned areas.


    • The BioEnergetic Testing comes with two imptinted tinctures. The Comprehesive (causal issues) and Informational (symptomatic reactions) scans imprinted.
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