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BioEnergetic Testing

Bio-Energetic Testing assesses a client’s response to a series of energetic signatures.The process selects balancing energetic signatures that are then digitally encoded into a liquid carrier that is to be taken orally. This process supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself by improving energetic communication and flow.

Please watch the Orientation and Discharge Video for a better understanding of the process.

BioEnergetic Testing is not diagnostic. The purpose of BioEnergetic Testing is to identify and balancing unhealthy energetic signatures.


The balancing energetic signatures that show up in the testing process, do NOT indicate that this is present in the body but simply that the energetic signature is needed for bringing the body to homeostasis.


BioEnergetic Testing does not take the place of advice or treatment given by a primary care physician and any questions regarding the suggested supplementation and/or the interaction of prescribed medications, consult with physician.


It is possible to experience a detox reaction before reaching health goals. This is considered a normal part of the detox process.

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