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Instructions for Imprinted Tinctures

  • Drops are suggested to be taken every day, full amount of drops listed on bottle in the morning and in the evening.

  • Start with the Comprehensive Tincture. If you feel okay the next day, then start the Informational Tincture. If you feel okay the next day, start any additional tinctures.


  • Succuss each tincture 5-10 times before taking it.

  • (Succussion is a certain way to shake the bottle containing the energetic signatures. It    involves holding the bottle in one hand and tapping it on the opposite hand in a brisk up-down motion. One tap is one succussion.)


  • The drops can be taken directly under the tongue OR if the alcohol taste is too much, put the drops into a little water and then hold in mouth.


  • Wait 1 minute between drops.


  • Nothing 15-20 minutes before or after taking, other than water.


  • Store drops at a minimum of 3 feet away from all electronics. Including but not limited to, appliances, electrical outlets, phones, TV’s and computers.


  • If taking your imprinted tinctures through airport security, wrap in aluminum.

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