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About Me

For seventeen years, I grappled with undiagnosed Lyme Disease. Early on, I eliminated alcohol, caffeine, gluten, dairy, and eventually oils and salt. These dietary restrictions culminated in a diet consisting solely of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Despite the challenges, I practiced Ashtanga yoga for two hours a day, six days a week, doing whatever it took to feel okay.


As my health journey continued, I delved deeper into the world of wellness. Shifting my focus from being a photographer to directing a documentary centered around a medical doctor/scientist pioneering a protocol to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms. Directing this documentary led me to interview renowned figures in the field, including Dr. Steven Gundry, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, Dr. Leeroy Hood and others, gathering a wealth of information.


Soon, I stepped into a pivotal role running operations for this doctor/scientist's medical information company. This company played a key role in training and guiding practitioners on implementing the Alzheimer's protocol through the use of advanced software. During this time, I noticed the most important labs these practitioners relied on were inherently faulty. Like, parasite and Lyme disease testing.


After five years of dedicated work, the doctor/scientist made significant changes. He dismissed the board, sold both his intellectual property and all assets to an individual whom I believed was morally questionable. Consequently, I decided to step away from the documentary project and relinquished control of the operations I had originally established.


During this period, I faced a cascade of challenging events. My best friend lost her battle to breast cancer, my father passed away following a month-long hospitalization, and another close friend succumbed to a brain tumor. Concurrently, I embarked on my next major documentary project, only to be met with the unexpected intrusion of black mold in my home, leading to the disposal of 90% of my belongings. These overwhelming circumstances provided an ideal environment for the Lyme disease I was unknowingly contending with to thrive. Within a year, I found myself struggling to walk.


It has been a long road to recovery for me. Working with a certified Gerson Therapy doctor, using Ozone therapy, Parasite cleansing, extreme diet restrictions, juicing, Coffee Enemas, Colonics, infrared sauna with red-light therapy, Frequency machines (Total Zap & Spooky2), Ionic Foot Baths, Natural Hot Springs, Fulvic Baths, taking every supplement under the sun, finding a Lyme Literate Infectious Disease Doctor... Anything that made sense, I tried. But, I was STILL GUESSING about what specific support my body needed, and so were all my doctors.


Years of experience led me to Qest4's BioEnergetic Testing software and machine. This technology precisely identified what my body needed to achieve balance on energetic, emotional, and even physical levels, recommending supplements, homeopathics, and herbs. “Suggesting” precisely what I had invested tens of thousands of dollars in —attempting to diagnose. Motivated by the undeniable effectiveness of this approach, I founded BioEnergetic Test in Palm Desert, CA.


Today, I am committed to applying my knowledge of this incredible BioEneregetic technology, to help others take control of their health and healing. Now.

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